Beautiful Cruises


Wild and Free


Wild and Free
On the East Coast, cruise across the paradisiac bay of Trou d'Eau Douce.


Swift Cruising


Swift Cruising
Let us take you on a speedy ride full of blissful freedom and adventure.


Where the Sun Sets


Where the Sun Sets
In the calm blue waters of the West, complete relaxation awaits.

Welcome Onboard

Steering Hand in Hand

We have roamed the local waters year after year, we have launched new catamarans and strived to surpass ourselves in delighting you, our very special guests. Coming a long way on the path of experience and dedication, we now offer an array of new and unique experiences. Let us whisk you away on a blissful day you will never forget

Jacques & Christine Le Clézio
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Jacques & Christine Le Clézio


Years of Operations






Happy clients since beginning of year



An experience not to be missed....Great lunch, good bar, music, snorkling and beach free time. Fabulous pictures opportunities and friendly staff

beautiful honeymoon

My wife and I took the boat cruise experience during our honeymoon and had a fantastic time. The boat staff were friendly, really attentive and constantly refilled our glasses! all cooked on an on board BBQ! Also visited Ile Aux Cerfs. All in all really well organised trip and would highly recommend it!

Great Relaxing day

Cannot recommend this enough!! Worth every moment The staff is super friendly, very helpful and the views are just breathtaking! The food, drink and trip itself was a highlight of our holiday! Will do this again anytime.

Océane 2

Percy Gregoire - Skipper
Percy is the skipper on board Océane 2, a vessel particularly well designed for sailing... Read More

Océane 3

Dario Salomon - Skipper
Dario started out as a fisherman with a passion for sailing... Read More

Océane 4

Alain Adeline - Skipper
A warm welcome, a vigilant eye and the client’s satisfaction are this team’s priority, led by Alain... Read More

Océane 5

Steve Victoire - Skipper
The eldest of the skippers counts 27 years of service with our company... Read More

Océane 6

Marino Catapermal - Skipper
Marino is the sweetest of men. He is so kind at heart that he can hardly refuse anything... Read More

Océane 7

Jerry Yenkana - Skipper
Jerry joined Océane 18 years ago. To this day, he is always happy to lend... Read More

Océane 8

Fabrice Francois - Skipper
At the helm of this catamaran, Fabrice reveals himself as a man of consensus... Read More

Océane 9

Berty l’Enfle - Skipper
On his boat that caters for private clients or groups, Berty welcomes you with his wit... Read More


Clenaud Michel - Skipper
Born and raised in Trou d’Eau Douce, Clenaud knows the East coast by heart... Read More

You are in safe hands

Have a worry-free day while snorkelling: you can dive into the refreshing waters of the lagoon and swim among the fish and coral while a crew member keeps watch on you from the stern. Lifebuoys tied to the boat are released for extra comfort and peace of mind, especially when there are children in the water. The company keeps a speedboat only a radio call away to intervene in case of emergencies.

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