Priorities on board: The client’s satisfaction, an attention to detail, passengers 'safety, a clean deck and a peaceful atmosphere so everyone can enjoy the idyllic experience of being out at sea, under the sun.

Océane 2

Everything in its place

Percy is the skipper on board Océane 2, a vessel particularly well designed for sailing. A man of strong principles and a fisherman at heart, he will share his infectious love of the ocean with you and ensure that the crew works as an efficient team while you are on board.

Océane 3

True sailing

Dario started out as a fisherman with a passion for sailing. As an excellent skipper, he often competes in local pirogue regettas. 20 years ago, he joined Océane team and never looked back. On the catamaran he knows by heart, allow him to hoist the sails and take you on a quiet, windswept day out, to explore the best of the east coast of Mauritius. If you are lucky you could even get involved and learn the ropes! Or you can just sit back whilst his crew takes you to your next destination.

Océane 4

A reassuring smile.

A warm welcome, a vigilant eye and the client’s satisfaction are this team’s priority, led by Alain. An ex-football player, he stays in top physical shape to this day. His 25 years of experience barely read on his kind face and warm smile, which make this man very popular among passengers. Some have even been known to invite him to their homes abroad, while others have returned many times to be reunited with a crew that will pay heed to the smallest attentions with their customers.

Océane 5

Undeniable experience

The eldest of the skippers counts 27 years of service with our company. Steeve stood by Jacques’ side while the very first boats were set up. He is actually heading all the crewmembers and coordinates their daily activities. A man with undeniable experience, his many responsibilities do not hinder his attention to detail on his boat.

Océane 6

Ultimate kindness

Marino is the sweetest of men. He is so kind at heart that he can hardly refuse anything to his clients on board Océane 6. The ocean is his one and true love, and he cherishes the sweet memory of having once sailed from the Seychelles to Mauritius to bring a new member to the Océane fleet. Over his 26 years among Océane, his immense kindness has made him massively popular among customers and the rest of the crew.

Océane 7

The team player - A charming polyglot.

Jerry joined Océane 18 years ago. To this day, he is always happy to lend a hand where help is needed, even in his own home where he cooks and cleans while his wife tends to the kids! On board, his crew takes on the same motto: a team works harder and better than the individual. So intent is he on satisfying our customers that Denis learned some rudimentary German, Italian, Spanish and even a word or two of Mandarin. The optimist with a keen desire for constant improvement communicates to his crew a sense of service beyond compare on board Océane 7.

Océane 8

Please yourself

At the helm of this catamaran, Fabrice reveals himself as a man of consensus. His calm nature allows him to always find solutions to even the most demanding requirements from customers, and always in the interest of all. He loves the family spirit that prevails at Océane and shares with his crew the values of respect and attentive care to others. The team on board will be happy to have a casual chat with you, telling you the best stories about the West Coast which unfolds before your eyes.

Océane 9

Family spirit

On his boat that caters for private clients or groups, Berty welcomes you with his wit and his communicative dynamism. Having worked with the company for 18 years, he always has great stories to tell, especially about that time when he sailed a catamaran from Seychelles to Mauritius with his colleagues. His main objective is to offer the best that the West Coast has to offer. Comfort and quiet relaxation on board are his priorities. But if your group of friends decide to celebrate, then Berty and his crew will organise great entertainment and serve a selected menu according to your desire.

Speedboat Skipper

Clenaud Michel

Born and raised in Trou d’Eau Douce, Clenaud knows the East coast by heart. This boat lover spent two years in hotel boathouses before joining Océane in January of 1995. With this job, he perfectly brings together his love for the ocean and fishing with his interest for human relations. He particularly enjoys the numerous and diverse human encounters he makes at work. On board the speedboats, his priority will be to create a trip that is tailored to your every desire, telling you everything you might want to know about the best sights on the southeast coast, including his favorite spots, the Blue Bay marine park, Ile aux Flamants and Ile au Phare.

The Office Team

The team that ensures that everything run smoothly, so that your day on board will be a memorable one.

Accounting Officer

Regine Du Mée

Pay your bill... or Régine will catch you...

Behind the scene

Without them the magic won't happen

Teamwork is Key

Océane firmly believes that team spirit is crucial to achieving the best service possible, in all safety. The years of dedication to our team by the crew & staff have made us a family at work. Regular teambuilding days are organised, bringing together the employees and management, to foster this sense of unity and to encourage all staff members to participate in the growth of Océane as a company. In 2014, the entire crew took part in a brainstorming and training experience towards renewing Océane's identity, putting forward ideas that have allowed us to offer you the varied and flexible services available today. In our family, Teamwork is Key, and we never forget it.

Training & Safety on board

On board of the Océane fleet, the safety issue is about more than just approved equipment: it starts with the people. Every second year, our crew is trained or updated with safety during courses led by a coach approved by the fire brigade of Reunion Island. This special programme includes First Aid training as well as all the safety and security measures at sea on an international scale.
Furthermore each boat on our fleet is equipped with the gear required and even more, as per the regulations established by the Tourism Authority and by international standards. Seamless navigation gear, protective barriers, lifejackets, etc... All items on board are maintained to meet the most rigorous demands. Case in point: all of the inspections regularly carried out by international tour operators – namely the renowned TUI system – have positively cleared us for business.

You can sail out peacefully.