Local folklore of the East

If you are on our East Coast cruise, seize the chance to experience the traditional fishing practices of Mauritius. A local fisherman will welcome you on his wooden pirogue and initiate you to the inspection of fishing traps. You might also have a go at the timeless practice of rod fishing on a simple bamboo pole. This tranquil and delightful immersion into the modest local's daily routine will take you on a trip back in time, before you join the catamaran to continue a luxurious cruise in the Trou d'Eau Douce lagoon.

History landmark in the West

As the boat approaches the popular public beach of La Peneuse in Black River, a stone tower rises behind the filao trees. Hop aboard a shuttle to go ashore for a short visit at the Martello Museum.

Erected two centuries ago, this building tells a bit of the story of the British garrisons on the shores of the island then governed by the colonial authorities. The tower was restored thanks to the good care of the NGO "Friends of the Environment" with support from the Government of Mauritius, the National Heritage Fund and private funds.

Archaeological finds, old accessories and restored trap doors, as well as mannequins all dressed up in uniforms or reconstituted weapons of the time are staged to take the visitor back to the old times. The tour is led by guides who speak English, French or Creole. It ends at the top of the tower, where one can admire the stunning view over the bay of La Preneuse and its ancient canons.

Make a request for our cultural experience when booking your private cruise.