Be it on the West or East coasts, Océane takes you through a lovely sea experience whilst remaining in the safe sanctuary of the Mauritian lagoon, protected from big swells and currents thanks to the coral reef. On board, comfort and safety are the crew’s number one priority at all times.

Each boat on our fleet is equipped with the gear required and even more, as per the regulations established by the Tourism Authority and by international standards. Seamless navigation gear, protective barriers, lifejackets, etc.. All items on board are maintained to meet the most rigorous demands. Case in point: all of the inspections regularly carried out by international tour operators – namely the renowned TUI system – have positively cleared us for business.

Océane 2

Being 12.4 metres long and 8.6 metres wide allows her to welcome 20 persons on board.

Océane 3

Dimensions 12 metres long and 6.55 metres wide. This catamaran is ideal for personalized cruises. She has the capacity of 20 persons.

Océane 4

Constructed in South Africa and finished in Mauritius, she offers a large dimension of 16.38 metres long and 8.1 metres wide and welcomes 34 persons on board.

Océane 5

Built in South Africa she is the largest of the fleet measuring 17 metres in length and 8.5 metres wide. With lots of comfort and space on board she welcomes up to 34 persons on board.

Océane 6

Built in Mauritius a few years ago to the specifications of the Company, she has a dimension of 13 metres long and 6.8 metres wide and welcomes 22 passengers on board.

Océane 7

Sistership of Oceane 6 she measure 13.5 metres long and 7.3 metres wide and welcomes 22 persons on board.

Océane 8

Originally from South Africa, with a dimension of 15 metres long and 7.3 metres wide. Operational since June 2009 she welcomes 24 persons on board.

Océane 9

The most recent acquisition of Easterlies and constructed in Seychelles, Océane 9 is 12 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and welcomes 18 persons on board.


Fly over the water, wind in your hair, soaking in the delicious heat of the tropical sun. This moment of ecstasy is just what Océane's speedboat.

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