• 1987

    Jacques and Amédée on Océane 1

    Day cruises mostly comprise big game fishing and cramped outings in fishing boats. Jacques Le Clézio and Amédée Poupard dream up a new concept off the East Coast: relaxed sailing in the lagoon. Easterlies* is created in the quaint village of Trou d'Eau Douce and the first boat is launched, named Tonga Rose 40. Their friend and Manager of the Touessrok hotel, Marcello Giobbe, is the first to rent the boat over 5 days for group outings. The new concept is a hit: the company makes sail on a new adventure...

  • 1996

    Group Outings

    The demand was growing for larger groups, pushing for the purchase of a bigger boat. However, the shallow lagoon is a major obstacle to overcome, the reef sitting at only 1m from the surface in places.
    No problem there: Jacques orders a custom-made catamaran in South Africa, and does important work himself on the furnishings when it arrives. It will be the first – and only – 17m catamaran sailing the East Coast lagoon's shallow waters. The boat allows up to thirty passengers to duly celebrate a day out on board.

  • 1998

    The sails are westbound

    The East coast wind might be perfect for sailing, but the breath taking sunsets and landscape in the West are not to be ignored. The waters teem with big game fishing boats at the time, and Jacques decides to compete for day cruises with a catamaran built in South Africa. The second boat, solely dedicated to private cruises, is bought in the Seychelles. A shaded area is provided to shelter visitors from the hot West Coast sun while providing the same security and comfort found on the East Coast fleet.

  • 2008

    The Fleet Speeds Up

    The initial idea was to have a rescue boat, which could quickly intervene in case of mechanical failure or to bring passengers back to shore if needed. The company thus bought a speedboat as a maintenance tool. But the speed boat was quickly refurbished to provide top-class, tailor-made services for private outings only. The speed fleet offers great comfort and flexibility in terms of itinerary, cruise length and services provided on board.

The first Sails in 1987

Jacques with his usual outfit (cap and suntan lotion clearly on face) on Océane 1 in approx 1988

Jacques and Christine on Océane 1 in 1989

The late Antonio guitarist playing for clients in approx 1991

Jacques on Océane 2

Océane 4 arriving in the port and been disembarked from container ship in 1997

Crew of 1997

Océane 5 been escorted by police as it moves down the South African highways

Océane 6 going through sugar cane after production to Port Louis to be launched

Océane 6 been launched in Port Louis, 2000

Il était une fois Océane

It all began with Jacques Le Clézio, a seaman to the bone. Born and raised on the East coast in Trou d'Eau Douce, he grew up to know every nook and cranny of the area, with even Ile aux Cerfs serving as his personal playground.

For Jacques Le Clézio, the young days flew in this village, filled with sunny hours spent out fishing with his friend Amédée Poupard. Daydreams materialised as the soon to-be partners decided to build a platform to take visitors out on day cruises, to discover their favourite corner of the island. Armed with a rope and measuring tape, Jacques set out to measure the shallow lagoon of the East Coast on a full moon night. Following an old ship captain's advice, the two men chose to build catamarans, a design few knew or understood in Mauritius at the time.
Never mind that, Jacques was born a pioneer: after some work on the blueprints, Jacques placed an order with Taylor Smith boat builders for the hull of his first boat. 28 years ago, the first catamaran cruise set off on the East coast and its success immediately caught the tour operators' attention. At a later stage, Jacques was also to launch cruises on the West coast.

25 years and still going strong

After 25 years of experience at sea, our team has come to know every nook and cranny of the island's lagoon, the best passes and swimming spots. Besides their expertise in navigation, our crew members also demonstrate excellent knowledge of the coastal area as its shows through the anecdotes they will love to tell you. They might even recall the special encounters and some of the celebrities who have come on board.

Three years ago, Océane's 25 year celebration was a highlight of the day cruise business in Mauritius and was covered in the press. But this success did not make us complacent, and the team worked hard to keep renewing Océane's product and services, brainstorming to create experiences that are designed to suit your every desire, with tailor-made programmes on our private cruises. With this, Océane comes a step closer to providing an idyllic holiday for its customers from all over the world.

Océane Reborn

After almost three decades of successful operation, Océane gains a new life, keeping in mind its philosophy of continuous improvement, to better meet the expectations of its passengers while promoting the best that Mauritius has to offer.

The company has gone through an extensive rebranding exercise. It has also expanded its activities, to offer a wider and much more diversified range of experiences. Apart from the group outings along the usual and traditional circuits cruises, Océane now present an array of highly rated options and premium outings according to demand for exclusive excursions. Sea outings take a new dimension, with a choice of combined offers relating to well-being, culture and history, or unique moments of adventure and sports, according to your wishes. Our operations are carried out with the utmost respect of the environment and we strive to live up to the highest safety standards. All of these successful efforts now place Océane's quality of service at the top of the industry.