A soft, pinkish streak of light rises on the horizon. Early in the morning, the world stands still. Step on board and set out on the lagoon as it glistens in shades of blue and yellow. A private instructor is on the deck with mats and other equipment you will need for this session.

Perform your salutation to the sun as it announces a new day of tropical bliss; stretch forward and feel the soft sway of the ocean. Feel a unique connection to the elements as you follow your yoga instructor through the asanas of a warm, early morning.

After yoga, a healthy breakfast is served to start your day with a kick. Sip on a cup of tea or fresh juice, help yourself to fresh fruit and muesli while you take in the last precious minutes of the morning sun.

For those who would rather salute the sun as it sets, meet at 4.30 PM on the boat and enjoy some drinks and light snacks after your session, which ends between 6.30 PM and 7.00 PM. Canap├ęs are available upon request. Book now for this exclusive experience according to your preferences.