Enjoy the waves lapping against your boat, the sea spray hitting your face and the engulfing blue and green of the ocean around you while riding along the East coast. This moment of ecstasy is just what Océane's speedboat outings have to offer. Take a spin along the East Coast and its surrounding islets, on a day of pure delight, including Clenaud and Jean's favourite spots, the Blue Bay Marine Park, Île aux Flamants and Île au Phare.

For a couple or a small group of friends, booking one of Océane's two speedboats – which may carry 9 or 10 passengers – is the perfect way to enjoy a tailor-made day out. Océane will cater for almost any of your whims: have lunch while digging your feet in the warm sand of Ile aux Cerfs or make a stop for a tan and a swim in the limpid waters of Ile aux Flamants.

You might also choose to venture upstream to the waterfall of Grande Rivière Sud-Est (GRSE). If you would rather explore the underwater treasures of the Indian Ocean, take to the South East. Destination: Blue Bay’s Marine Protected Park. Take the time you need to snorkel among the extensive variety of coral and their colourful inhabitants: coachmen, painted triggerfish, trumpetfish, small moray eels and blue or pink sea urchins… The braver kind might even like to scuba dive, a demand that Océane will happily fulfil with the assistance of an experienced diving instructor.

As for nature lovers, a stop at the nature reserve of île aux Aigrettes, will give a new dimension to your day out. Take a guided tour of the island, which is at the forefront of conservation for Mauritian endemic flora and for some of the local rare birds.

All cruises leave the charming fishermen's village of Trou d’Eau Douce. The itinerary is up to you, be it over a half or full day. Our speed fleet is also available for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and other group events.